I was asked if I deducted points “simpli” because they’re from Boston… I cannot confirm or deny the possibility that this is true.


The marketing department at SimpliSafe must have been incredibly excited in 2017. It seemed that every podcast that targeted the coveted 29-44 year old male demographic was running their commercials. According to published reports, those increased mentions did not help propel the Boston-based company to the goals they had set.

SimpliSafe is another one of those “Harvard Grad decided to make a better product” stories that seem to be very popular in the male enhancement world. Chad Laurans founded the company around 10 years ago, so they’ve had time to learn from mistakes and to grow into one of the larger and better well-known Home Security systems available.

The business model is simple, to provide the customer with an affordable, basic Do-It-Yourself security system that avoids long term contractual obligations. This feature makes SImpliSafe particularly applicable to younger, less established home owners and very often, apartment-renters.

Like most home security products on this list, SimpliSafe utilizes 3rd party certified monitor stations and include completely integrated cellular modules. This, in conjunction with no monitoring agreement, mean that SImpliSafe is quite simply one of the least expensive options available. Their basic plan starts at $14.99 a month – but that is really for a very limited program. Moving up to the Interactive Plan will run the user $24.95 per month and that adds fairly basic options such as remote arming and disarming of the system.  

By utilizing their proprietary hardware which has remained fairly unchanged over the years, they are able to keep those low prices as low as they are. While some people have left negative reviews regarding the “Legacy Equipment”, SimpliSafe stands behind all of their units with an impressive 3 year warranty. We could not find a single user who complained about needing to use that feature.


Like most of these plans, SimpliSafe is currently available on Amazon. With a base price of $259.95 yoiu get the following in the box:

  1. A SimpliSafe Base Station
  2. One wireless keypad
  3. One motion detector
  4. Four Door/Window Sensors
  5. One Keychain remote
  6. One Yard Sign
  7. Two Window Stickers

Hopefully, once a thief sees the signage, they’ll move along to an easier target… or maybe rethink their lives and become more productive members of society. But really, who cares? Let them hit the guy down the block. HE doesn’t water his lawn and leaves the garbage cans out all week.

SimpliSafe is easy to set up and monitor. Unlike many of the products we’ve reviewed, they’ve made the correct decision to include a keypad that completely independent of the security base.  This allows the user to locate the hub in an area that maintains the strongest cellular reception as well as keeping away from the base in case an intruder does attempt to disable it.


As of 2017, SimpliSafe has added a fine security camera which raise it from a more basic alarm system to a more advanced monitoring system… as long as you select that option.


As we laid out earlier, there are different service level packages offered by Simplisafe:

  1. Standard– The bare bones plan offers 24/7 coverage which covers home intrusion, medical emergencies, and fire and environmental hazards utilizing cellular service for $14.99
  2. Alert – For an additional $5.00 per month, the alert plan includes text or email notifications whenever the SimpliSafe system is armed, disarmed or activated.
  3. Interactive– For yet an additional $5.00 per month (bringing you to $24.99 monthly),  interactive capabilities will be added to the program. This enables the user to control the SimpliSafe  system on any computer or mobile device.
5.8 Total Score
Are they "Simpli" the Best?

I was asked if I deducted points "simpli" because they're from Boston... I cannot confirm or deny the possibility that this is true.

Customer Service
  • Best Advertising of the year!
  • Reasonably priced
  • Three year warranty
  • DIY friendly
  • The BS story of "The Harvard Grad who created his own empire"
  • Did I mention they're from Boston?
  • Basic functions require more expensive plans
  • No 24 hour customer support
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